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In general, baseball fields are different from other sports fields because the rules of baseball. The rules of baseball establish minimum distances to the left and right field (325 feet) and center field (400 feet).

Most famous baseball stadium

People often ask which baseball stadium is the most famous. Wrigley Field in the heart of Chicago is one of baseball’s most historic ballparks.

Oldest baseball stadium

Then you have the question of which city has the oldest baseball stadium?  One of the oldest ballparks is Fenway Park in Boston, home of the Boston Red Sox, which opened in 1912. Then you have another oldest known stadium at Olympia in Greece, where the ancient Olympic Games were held from 776 BC.

Officially the world’s largest by capacity, Pyongyang, North Korea’s Rungrado Stadium takes the top spot. This opened in 1989, which they say is the mayflower shaped arena. This was built as a national symbol of power and size and accommodates 150 000 people.

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