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Not sure what skills and tools are needed for a successful game of baseball? On our resources page you will find useful information related to baseball resources and much more.

5 Basic Skills Needed for Baseball



Hitting for average


Arm strength

Do you and/or your players tick all the boxes above? Great! Now let’s take a look at the tools necessary for a great game of baseball.

5 Tools Baseball Players Use

Scouts grade position players on 4 tools that are central to success in the game:


Hitting for power




The so-called “five-tool-player” is a special breed, as those who truly rate above average in each category are extremely rare.

Books on Baseball Strategies

Need some more information on tools and skills necessary for baseball? Here we provide some information on a great book every baseball fanatic should own.

Baseball Strategies – Jack Stallings

One of baseball’s most appealing features is that it is a thinking game. Athletes of all sizes can excel with sufficient smarts and skills. And managers from little league to the major leagues can lead teams to titles with proper preparation and effective decision making.

Now students of the game who are looking for a mental edge need only turn to one complete tactical resource. Baseball Strategies explains what to, do when to do it, and why, in all facets of the game.

Part I focuses on the offensive attack, from determining the batting order to sending runners on certain pitches in key situations. Part II gets inside a pitcher’s head with insights on selecting and locating pitches, holding base runners in check, and fielding the position.

Part III presents a wealth of defensive tactics, from position-specific responsibilities to situation-specific alignments and plays. Part IV explains how to fine-tune your strategic approach, whether it be adjusting to the level of competition or altering your plan in the middle innings.

Developed by the American Baseball Coaches Association, Baseball Strategies contains the collective wisdom of 18 carefully selected coaches, including several whose teams have won more than 1,000 games and claimed national championships. Draw on the lessons of these experts to make sure you have all the tactical bases covered.